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License Law for Georgia Real Estate Professionals

License Law for Georgia Real Estate Professionals

This course has been approved by the Georgia Real Estate Commission as a Post Licensing Continuing Education Class.

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The Georgia Real Estate Commission requires as part of the renewal process for a real estate licensee to have attended a license law class during each cycle of their licensing term.

Within that course, the course must include ten (10) key elements to the course in order to qualify for the LICENSE LAW criteria to be met for renewal of your Georgia Real Estate License.

Those criteria are as follows:

1.) Definitions of License Law
2.) Effects of license status by licensee of prohibited conduct
3.) Transferring license between brokerages
4.) Trust and/or escrow accounts
5.) Unfair Trade Practices prohibited
6.) Brokerage Relationships
7.) Management responsibilities of real estate firms
8.) Advertising
9.) How to handle real estate transactions
10.) Licensees acting as principals

This course covers those required elements and has been approved by the Georgia Real Estate Commission.  We will go over the laws utilizing the latest edition of Georgia Real Estate Licensing and Appraiser Laws and Regulations Annotated – You can purchase this book either hardcopy or electronically.

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